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Hatcher's Fishing Report: Umpqua and Winchester Bay Oregon

Scott Hatcher is our resident guide and fishing guru at the Cannery. He'll be letting you (and us) know what's biting and what's not on the ocean and local rivers and streams. If you want to book a fishing trip with Scott check his site and we'll clean and process your fish for you when you're done!

Remember the Sportsman Cannery will take care of all your fish and crab processing needs.

Give me a call and lets go fishing.

Scott Hatcher


Fishing Report for September 7 2010

Albacore Tuna: Numbers from 6 to 25 fish within 40 miles are common when ocean conditions allow
Dungeness Crab: The lower river has been getting better and the ocean has been good. Lots of soft crab still. Please release the soft crab (The ones not full of meat).
Coho/Silver Salmon: Not to good so far this year. I haven't seen many caught in the river but have started seeing a few jumping. The ratio in the ocean has been poor. When the ocean weather allows I have averaged 2 or 3 clipped per 8 or 9 Coho landed.
Chinook Salmon: Fishing the lower river and bar has been good now for several weeks with several fish over the 40 lb mark and a couple over 50 lbs. Look for the Umpqua to slow a bit and the Coos and Coquile Rivers to pick up the slack.
Out of Coos Bay/Charleston is good when ocean conditions allow.

The Sportsman Cannery has plenty of Salmon and Tuna being processed. It's time to start thinking about your Christmas packages and gifts.

Fishing Report for July 15 2010

Albacore Tuna are within 75 miles. A week ago they were 35 miles.
There are a few Chinook showing up on the bar. I know of 5 in 3 days a week ago.
The Coho are here in the ocean but the weather isn't going let us out till Sun/Mon.
I've seen some keeper Ling Cod being caught off of the South jetty..
There are still Pink Fin Perch across from marker 12, north shore in 8'/12'.
Crabbing in the Umpqua River as well as in the ocean is really slow.
Sturgeon is slow with a few oversize being caught.

Keep your hooks sharp!


Fishing Report for June 16 2010

Spring Chinook on the Umpqua River near Scottsburg is getting pretty slow. The river conditions are perfect with reports of 1 to 4 fish out of 20 boats. Should be good fishing on the North Fork below I-5.
Above Tyee the Shad fishing should be good over Fathers Day.
Pink Fin Perch near marker 12 was good several days back. The raise in the river and now these minus tides have moved the fish out. Should be getting good again soon.
When ocean conditions allow, the crabbing has been fair to good. Lots of nice commercial grade soft ones to throw back and plenty legal size hard ones.
The Chinook Salmon in the ocean has been pretty slow so far. As weather allows, we should start catching more every day. By the end of June this fishery should be in full swing.

Fishing Report for May 6 2010

Springers - Springers - Springers
The Umpqua River is in full swing regarding the Spring Chinook run this year. Lots of fish over 40 pounds being caught. The average fish being 16 to 22 pounds.
The ODF&W has released the 2010 Ocean Sport Salmon season dates. Off of Winchester Bay the Chinook season opens May 29th. Fishing should start getting good around the middle of June. The Coho season will open June 26th. The limit is 2 Salmon. Any Chinook can be kept and hatchery/clipped Coho only.
Halibut opens May 13,14,15,20,21,22,27,28,& 29th. Seats are filling fast.
Crabbing has been fair in the lower river and good in the ocean, when weather allows
  I'll see ya on the river. Keep your hooks sharp.

  Take care

  Scott Hatcher

Fishing Report for April 20 2010

Crabbing in the lower river has been slow.  When the ocean conditions allow the crabbing is good.
The Spring Chinook are here in good numbers. (Umpqua River) There have been several caught over 40 pounds and I weighed one for a fellow that hit the 50 pound mark a few days ago. These Spring Salmon will be running through the end a May as long as river conditions allow.
I've heard a few fair reports on Sturgeon. Not many keepers, mostly oversized.
Take care and Keep Your Hooks Sharp!


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